Medical Care: Acute, Chronic and Preventative

Helping Hands Clinic provides high-quality, free medical care to patients without health insurance. A full-time provider is available for acute, urgent, follow-up and preventative care.

Chronic Care Management

Patients with chronic diseases like Diabetes, COPD and similar respiratory diseases, complicated heart disease and some forms of arthritis can be enrolled in the Caldwell Health Access Program or CHAP. This program pairs uninsured patients with volunteer medical providers in Caldwell County who have agreed to manage patients with chronic diseases in their offices. Patients enrolled in CHAP have access to all Helping Hands services. To find out more about CHAP, call 828.754.8565 x306.

Free Prescription Medications

Most medications are accessed through the Patient Assistance Program with the pharmaceutical companies. A staff member completes a financial application to access most medications for free. Helping Hands Clinic does not write prescriptions for or dispense narcotics of any kind. Helping Hands Clinic believes that patients who are invested in their personal health become more healthy therefore a $5 donation is requested when a patient picks up free medication.

Helping Hands Clinic. Better Health. Lower Cost.

Patient Education

A variety of FREE patient education programs are required for uninsured patients to help improve their health such as diabetes and tobacco education.